What Is PH?

  • The PH scale of water has a range of 0 to 14. The closer to 0, the more acidic the water is and conversely, the closer to 14, the close to neutral as possible. Most interior matter in our body has a PH balance of 6.8 while our blood, plasma and other fluids that surround the cells in our body have a PH of 7.2 to 7.3. Because of our diets. Proper PH balance in the body more alkaline the water is. At PH 7, water is “Neutral” and contains an equal number of hydrogen ions (h+) and hydroxide ions (oh-). Because the PH scale is a log scale it means that for every number of changes, either up or down, the PH balance of the Water is changed tenfold.

  • Good Alkaline Ph In The Body Is Vital To Cellular HealthProper PH balance in the body is the most important factor in making sure the body stays healthy and can ward off disease. To the layperson the term inner terrain means nothing, but it is this term that describes what is in each and every one of us that is vital in fighting off bacteria, viruses, fungus, yeasts and molds. Even as you read this article, there are more and more strands of powerful bugs and viruses developing all bent on the destruction of our bodies. It is these “super bugs” that will win the day and render the traditional remedies like antibiotics useless. It is for this reason alone that it is more important than ever to understand how to avoid acidosis and maintain your body's ph balance. While proper amounts of calcium are indeed needed to help insure that your ph (acid-alkaline) balance is correct, simply drinking lots of milk and ingesting extras amounts of dairy are not the solutions.

    Additionally, we now know that a good alkaline ph in the body is vital to cellular health. Our bodies are alkaline by design but become acidic by our behavior. This creates a disturbance in the body's PH balance and thus makes the human body the ideal place for molds, fungus, viruses and other nasty bugs to not only live, but to thrive as well.

    Traditional thinking tells us that the body's immune system is its first line of defense against the nasty elements, when in fact it really plays the mop up role to the first and major line of defense, which is a good PH balance. Our body comprises of billions of cells that make the body slightly alkaline and it is this alkalinity that needs to be maintained in order for the body to thrive. As the cells do their normal thing, they will let off a natural waste that is acidic. Though this is a natural process, the acid levels in the body must not be allowed to build up. If allowed to build up it can lead to a silent killer called acidosis.

    Acidosis is what is really killing us. If we allow our body to be acidic and anaerobic (lacking in oxygen), then we are allowing our body to become the perfect breeding ground for fungus, mold, bacteria and viruses. Think of a sealed freezer that is then unplugged. If left alone and opened a couple of weeks later, you would find all kinds of nasty funguses and mold growing inside. But the freezer was sealed so how can this be? The answer is that the mold and fungus was always there. Once the freezer was unplugged it simply became the ideal place for the mold and fungus to grow. The same holds true for our bodies. If we shift from a healthy oxygenated, alkaline environment to an unhealthy anaerobic, acidic environment, we become an unplugged freezer. Though our bodies look the same on the outside, the inside is now susceptible to all the viruses, molds, and funguses that couldn't survive before.

  • Proper Amounts of Calcium Are Vital In Maintaining A Good Ph (Acid-Alkaline) Balanced Body Avoiding acidosis is achieved by making sure that the proper amount of calcium is present at all times. That is essentially what acidosis is, a lack of oxygen and available calcium. Calcium is so important to our bodies that it even forms a chemical buffer in the blood called mono-ortho-calcium phosphate. This buffer is what maintains the alkalinity of your body and without it you die. In order to make sure that we have enough calcium we have to make sure that our body's ph balance is correct. If it is not, then the calcium will not be absorbed by our diet, but rather robbed from our teeth and our bones. The more acidic our bodies become, the more our bodies are deprived of oxygen and the harder it is for our bodies to adequately absorb calcium. This opens up the body to being the perfect candidate for the bone disease known as osteoporosis.

    Osteoporosis is a real conundrum for many people and they think that they can avoid it by simply ingesting large amounts of dairy products or by drinking lots of milk. Again, if the body's PH balance is out of sync and the body is acidic, all the milk in the world won't help. But because the body naturally wants to stay healthy, it will get its need supply of calcium, only it will take it from your teeth, bones and tissues. If you're biological or inner terrain is out of order, so too will your body be out of order.

  • Why Is PH Balancing Important?Your body's PH balance may affect your weight. An alkaline PH balances could help get rid of excess fat our bodies are a wondrous thing. When the body feels threatened it will go into a defense mode and do things to help ensure its survival. One of the things the body does when it becomes acidic and depleted of oxygen is it creates fat cells. Why? Simple, acid is stored in fat cells. The body knows that the acid levels in a ph balance that is out of sync are dangerous to all the vital organs that are needed to maintain its life. As a precaution, the body will develop fat and cellulite to form a cushion between the organs and the acid. Many individuals find that a welcomed side effect to a more alkaline PH is a loss of unwanted weight. Many times it is weight that has refused to come off for a period of years.

    When it comes to funguses, molds, bacteria and viruses, they play no favorites. These body attackers will consume you whether you are male or female, a child or an adult, they just don't care. The only way to properly defend ourselves is to become educated to the fact that our inner terrain needs to be in perfect form and in order to do this our bodies must maintain a proper PH balance.

  • PH Balanced DietDo you feel and look older than you are? Are you experiencing fatigue and health problems? Have you been putting on weight even though your diet is not all that bad? Are you a 30 year old that look 50? If so then maybe it is time for you to re-think the way you diet. In order to avoid premature aging and realize significant weight loss our bodies must avoid a high acidity level. This can only be achieved with the practice of a good alkaline diet.

When your body has higher acidity levels in it amazing things begin to happen. The body wants to survive and will do anything to ensure that survival. One of its defense mechanisms is to produce extra fat cells in your body. Why? Simple, fat cells absorb acid. In the opinion of your body, it is better to have extra fat cells to store the acid than to let the acid get to vital organs, which would eventually kill it. This explains why so many people have had such a hard time with weight loss. When you take your body back to a more alkaline state via a good alkaline diet, the weight will literally melt off. The body will no longer need the extra fat cells to combat the acid, because the acidity level in your body will be right where nature intended it to be.

Another negative point to high acidity levels in the body is the fact that it hurts our inner terrain. This opens us up to all sorts of health problems, such as impotence, headaches and cancer, just to name a few. This is all a direct result of premature aging. Again, you may be 30 years old, but you may look like you are 50. That is because your body is working too hard to combat the effects of high acidity levels. But the body can only do so much and eventually begins to break down. It is this break down of the body that is premature aging. Some of the signs of premature aging are fatigue, depression, constant illness like colds and flues, muscle pain and joint pain. All this just because our lifestyles dictate an unhealthy and non-alkaline diet.

By now you are probably wondering what you can do to stop this. This is the easy part; start practicing a healthy alkaline diet. This can easily be accomplished by eating alkaline foods and is even made simpler by drinking large amounts of ionized alkaline water. As crazy as it sounds, in just a few days you will notice an immediate impact. Within a couple of weeks you will feel better than you have in years. The reason is simple; you are putting your body back into harmony by creating an alkaline environment, which is how we were all designed to be. You will feel better and look better but that is only on the outside. On the inside you will have many benefits that you will not ever see, but if it could, your body would say thank you.

It is merely a shift in our way of thinking that keeps us from feeling the best we can. A healthy alkaline diet will not only keep the acidity levels in our bodies down and thusly help us to avoid health problems, but we will achieve many welcomed side effect such as weight loss and the halting of premature aging in its tracks. Do yourself the favor of beginning an alkaline diet with alkaline foods and lots of ionized alkaline water and you will not regret it. After all, we only get one life and it is meant to be lived to its fullest potential. Nutrients, and balance your PH. Drinking alkaline water will re-energize your body, reclaim your health.

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