Water the Secret of life?

  • Healthy Water is secret to Healthy lifeWhat is the one thing that every living organism here on earth contains? Water is essential for life to exist and it is so important that it is the first thing scientists look for when exploring a foreign planet. Why? Because without water there is no life. Did you know that a person could survive without food and still sustain life for many days and possibly a couple of weeks? But that same body will parish in a matter of a few short days if there is no water to be consumed. This is because the human body is composed mostly of water and without proper hydration we wither away much the same as a flower that is deprived of water. For the lack of a better term, life is water!

  • Healthy drinking water is lifeAs previously stated, healthy water is life. The same is true about healthy drinking water. Because the way that we live introduces our body to all sorts of harmful elements, it is now more important than ever to realize the potential and importance of healthy drinking water. Healthy water will not only keep us hydrated and help to lube our joints, but if it is properly ph balanced water, it will of course be alkaline water and help us to stay healthy and disease free in the most natural way possible. There is no better way to achieve this feat than to have a constant supply of ionized water that is produced by the ionized water unit. Remember, all water is not created equally. Ingesting eight glasses of water per day as recommended by most professionals is important; however if you are not making sure that the water you are ingesting is healthy water, then you may as well drink anything wet. Life revolves around water, but healthy life revolves around healthy water. Instead of saying you are what you eat, perhaps we should be saying, you are what you drink.

  • How healthy water can help us stay healthy Not only does water help us sustain the precious life that we live, but also in the proper form it can help us to stave off disease and thus stay healthy. Healthy water is water that is properly PH balanced and more towards the higher number of the PH scale. If water is more acidic, then the body will not only fight to find oxygen, but it will fight to find calcium as well. On the other hand, alkaline water will help the body to function not just normally, but at peak levels at all times. We will know this is true because our energy levels will be up and our stamina will increase. Little things that once made us tired will now be accomplished with ease. Ionized water that has been treated by electrolysis is healthy drinking water because its reduction potential is the best solution to a steady and safe source of free electrons that will block the oxidation of normal tissues caused by free oxygen radicals. This is because the molecular weight of reduced healthy water is very low and therefore fast acting and able to reach the tissues of the body in a timely manner.

  • Effects of contaminated waterThe health effects of drinking contaminated water; drinking water contains more than 2100 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer. The following report summarizes factual information on tap water quality and its affect on human health. Our hope is that you will take a moment and review this valuable information and consider the alternatives. Increased awareness of this issue can only benefit us all.

    The causes of tap water contamination are many, ranging from agriculture runoff to improper use of household chemicals and everything in between. Few of us realize the extend or impact of these low level synthetic chemicals has offered added convenience and productivity in our lives, it has also come at a tremendous price. drastic increases in degenerative disease.

    Chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and the tens of thousands of other chemicals that we are exposed to every day, our use of manmade chemicals has become so extreme that we can now find traces of these low level “synthetic organic chemicals”(SOCS) in virtually every public water supply around the world.

    We have learned that any chemical that we use in our society, will eventually wind up in our water supplies. There is no “new” water! Our planet re-uses the same water over & over and as our use of SOCS increases, so does the toxicity of our water. Earth's natural filtration process is not effective at removing these toxic SOCS nor is municipal water treatment. Industry, agriculture, & individuals. all contribute to the problem. Many of the contaminants found in water can be traced back to improper or excessive use of ordinary compounds like lawn chemicals, gasoline, dry cleaning solvents and cleaning products.

    Once we realize that everything that goes down the drain, on our lawns, on our agriculture fields or into the environment by any means eventually winds up in the water we drink, we began to see just how venerable our water supplies really are. Our municipality water treatment facilities do not remove SOCS and typically only consist of sand bed filtration and disinfection, much like a standard swimming pool filter. For the most part, today's water treatment facilities are much the same as they were at the turn of the century, filter out the visible particles and add bleach. “Drinking water plant are old and out of date, and water supplies are increasingly threatened by and contaminated by chemicals and microorganism” natural resources defense council. Many illnesses that in the past could not be linked to a probable cause have now been linked to toxins in our drinking water.The use of pesticides and herbicides has become so excessive that they are now commonly found only in household tap water and bottled water with alarming frequency.

    The tragic health effects of consuming these highly toxic chemicals are magnified many times over for small children because their systems are more sensitive and still developing. Small children also consume a much larger volume of fluids per pound of body weight and therefore get a bigger dose, yet none of these factors are considered when the EPAs maximum contaminant levels are set. The national academy of sciences issued a report in 1993 on this subject and stated "children are not little adults" and their bodies are less developed and simply incapable of detoxifying certain harmful compounds."

    Another major flaw in the estimated risk of chemicals in our drinking water is the false assumption that only that one chemical is being consumed. The regulations are set based on what is assumed safe for one 175 pound adult drink water with only one chemical and does not take into account the combined toxicity of two or more chemicals.

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